How is an animal surgeon different than human surgeon?

May - 17 2016



People often question the difference between an animal’s physiologies versus a human’s. Similarly, they a layman may also question the difference between an animal surgeon and an human surgeon. Well, even though humans evolved from animals and are called social animals, but still the differences are huge and hence, the animal surgeon’s expertise and skills and knowledge differs by leaps and bounds compared to a human surgeon. Visit this site for animal surgeon services that will help your pet. Some … Read the rest

Should The UK Reintroduce Compulsory Dog Licenses?

May - 16 2016



Did you realize that up until 1987, you needed to have a permit to possess a canine of any sort inside Great Britain and that in Northern Ireland regardless you require a permit to claim a puppy? Nowadays, honestly just about anybody can legitimately purchase and own a pooch, and there are no limitations on who can or can’t keep a pet, other than individuals that have been banned from keeping creatures because of a conviction for savagery.


The Read the rest