Discover The Different Types Of Playground Surfaces

Sep - 03 2017 | By

Playground Surfaces

Sending your children to the playground is a great way to have them exercise and make more friends. However, an issue that comes up from time to time is the lack of having a safe surface at the play ground for the kids. To avoid this problem, people may want to know about the different types of playground surfaces that are on the market. By discovering these surfaces people will see that it will be a brilliant idea for them to find a playground that has one of these surfaces and then they will know what to expect with regards to safety of the kids.

Rubber mulch safety surfacing is one type of surface that is starting to become common in playgrounds. This type of surface will make it easier for the kids to have a surface that has some give for them to play on, but also will allow the kids to play without getting injured. Now it is important to note that this surface is usually used around the equipment on the playground and this is because this is where the kids would usually end up getting hurt. However, with this surface and the give it allows the kids to have a padding that can help prevent injury.

Natural grass is a surface that parents may notice is going to occur naturally, but also going to have issues with clothing. That is because the kids never fail to get grass stains on the clothing. This makes it nearly impossible for the parents to get the clothing clean in the wash once the stain sets in. At the same time, some of these will be used in a mat form in some playgrounds and this may lead to the kids tripping over different seams in the playground and getting hurt that way if the surface was not properly installed.

Wet pour safety option is another type of surface people may enjoy having the kids play on. This surface is one that has been formulated to reduce the injuries the kids can experience. The way the kids are going to have a reduction in injury is the surface has the design to be an impact attenuating surface. That basically means the surface is going to take and offer a cushion on impact, rather than acting like a stiff board or hard ground that will not have any of the give that would cushion a fall.

Kids are going to want to go to the playground to make new friends and have a great time. The problem is not all of the parents will want the kids going to the same type of playground. That is because the playground may have some issues with the playground surfaces and how it can injure the children. With this being said, parents that are aware of the surfaces can rest easier because they know what to expect with the surface. Then they will know if the children will be safe from falls or have issues when they fall.